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Music is changing so quickly with Internet, I phones and other media. Promotion is the way to sales and with the changing ways of the World to be a World Artist you have to promote. Buckle your seat belt and hang on. Let Bouno help you promote and control your Destiny.

 Joseph P Genovesi  Far Right ( Gino ) Co Founder of  Bouno Records
 sang Harmony with the Crystals in the 1960`s The Crystals had such hit`s as
He`s a Rebel
Then He Kissed Me &
Da Doo Ron Ron

Gino went on to later Record
with The Fraternity Brothers under The Columbia/Date Label

The Staff  at Bouno Records has many years experience in the Recording Business. We understand the workings of the Music Industry as it is today with the knowledge and experience of yesterday. We can guide you through your total production from recording to distribution, promotion and air play. Our Staff is knowledgeable on current promotions World Wide and have connections to introduce your project to some of the biggest markets in the industry.



Knowledge is a Powerful Tool.
Use it.  

Keep up with the changing World



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